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2010 You Won't Believe What Was Happening in Our Bay!
2012 Dunhams Bay Algal Analysis
Corrina Parnapy, Lake George Waterkeeper’s Office

Algae samples have been taken within Dunhams Bay on Lake George NY, since 2008 by the FUND for Lake George and the Lake George Waterkeeper program.  All samples were identified down to the lowest taxonomic level possible then applied to the Palmer Organic Pollution metrics to see if Organic Pollution was present.  Since 2008, samples have indicated some level of organic pollution present. During the 2012 sampling, forms of algae were identified that have only been seen following the septic spill into Lake George at Shepard’s Park [emphasis added].  Many forms present were pollution tolerant and the sample indicated high organic pollution present, according to the Palmer Organic Pollution metrics.   The Palmer rating was one of the highest seen around Lake George  [emphasis added].

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 2017 Dunhams Bay Algal Analysis

2018 Dunhams Bay Algal Analysis
    Over the past three years, 15 septic systems have been replaced. Three more replacements are in the works.
    In 2013, a review of County and Town septic system records for the 58 properties with septic systems around Dunhams Bay found only 21% of the septic systems were adequately designed and documented.
    In 2018 45% of the systems are adequately designed and documented and 2018 tests at the original sites, have shown a 25 percent decline in algae that indicate the presence of human waste.       There's a long way to go, but this is significant progress.
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